Code of Conduct


All members of the Synod College fraternity (Management, Staff - Academic & Non-Academic, and Students) are expected to adhere to the following guidelines in terms of their conduct, behavior and value system within the premises of the college. Violation of the same will result in disciplinary action and/or suspension of their names from the rolls of the college.

  1.  Identity Cards: All personnel of the college are expected to producetheir college identity card whenever warranted. Every student entering the college premises must wear and display their college identity card issued at the time of enrolment, failing which the student will not be allowed to enter.

  2.  Dress Code: Everyone who is part of the college is expected to dress in a decent and presentable manner. Proper decorum should be maintained.

  3.  Morning Prayer: Everyone is expected to observe a respectful silence during the daily morning prayer.

  4.  Compulsory and punctual attendance:All students are required to be punctual for classes, and to have a minimum of 75% attendance in each subject for every semester, failing which the student may be debarred from appearing for their internal and external examinations. Genuine reasons for inability to do so may be applied for to the Principal.

  5.  Mobile phones: The college strictly prohibits the use of mobile phones during class hours. Mobile photography/videography of others without their knowledge or permission is strictly prohibited and anyone found doing so will be liable for disciplinary and/or legal action.

  6.  Proper use of library:The library is meant only for consulting and borrowing of books. Though reading and writing inside the library is permitted, complete silence is to be observed so as not to disturb others.

  7.  Smoking and consumption of any alcoholic drinks or addictive substance is not allowed in the college campus. Anyone found guilty of doing so is liable to be rusticated/suspended from the college.

  8.  Strict ban on Ragging and harassment of any form: Anyone found indulging in Ragging and harassment of any form will be subject to stern disciplinary action and invite legal action under the Indian Penal Code against acts of Ragging.

  9.  Non-Discrimination: Every member of the college community is to treat one another courteously, respectfully and fairly at all times, whether in word or in action. Discrimination on the basis of gender, race, religion, caste, social and economic status will not be tolerated.

  10.  Non-Tolerance of abuse against Women: All forms of violence and harassment against women (staff and students), including verbal, physical, sexual or psychological abuse will not be tolerated. Those found guilty of the same will invite strict disciplinary and legal action.

  11.  Respect for College resources and property: As members of the college community, we will seek to respect, conserve and maintain the general resources and property of . the college. Defacing, damaging and destroying of any college property will invite compensatory action. Cleanliness in and around the campus is to be stringently maintained. The College Management along with the Discipline and Cleanliness Cell of the college is responsible for monitoring this particular aspect of the college.

  12.  Academic and personal integrity: As members of the Synod College fraternity, we are committed to sustaining the highest ethical standards of the college, maintaining its values of integrity, honesty and fair play in all matters of activities whether academic or personal, and strive to integrate these values into all aspects of teaching, research and learning.