The role of this Committee is
  1. To select and purchase books and e-resources for the Library and also to make necessary recommendations for the improvement of Library facilities.
Chairperson - Dr. R.M. Lyngdoh Principal

Convener  - Smt. B. Nengnong Librarian
Members - Principal
- Vice Principal
- Coordinator IQAC
- Shri A. Raplang
  Assistant Professor
  Dept. of Computer Application

This Committee is to look into the general discipline and overall cleanliness of the College and also help in monitoring adherence to the College Code of Conduct.

Convener - Dr. K.L. Buam
Assistant Professor HOD, History
Members - Shri S. Marsharing
Associate Professor Department of Chemistry

- Smt. G.A. Kharsyntiew
HOD, Physics

- Shri M. Dunai
Assistant Professor
Department of English

- Dr. (Mrs.) J. Hek
Assistant Professor
Department of Political Science

- Dr. C. Lanong
Assistant Professor Department of Mathematics
This Committee is to decide on all matters of building constructions in the College.
Chairman - President GB

Secretary  - Dr. R.M. Lyngdoh,Principal
- Prof. Streamlet. Dkhar
Professor, Dept of Khasi NEHU

- Shri R. Sutnga
  Executive Engineer
  PWD, Meghalaya

- Dr. M. Rani
  Vice Principal

- Dr G. Lyngdoh
- Coordinator IQAC

- Shri B.R. Lyngdoh

The role of this Cell is to oversee and supervise all Canteen-related matters in the College.

Convener - Smt. I. Shabong
Associate Professor
Dept. of Mathematics

- Dr. W.M. Kharryngki
  Assistant Professor
  Dept. of Khasi

- Smt. B.N. Iangngap
  Assistant Professor
  Dept. of English

- Ms. W. Khongthaw
  Assistant Professor
  Dept. of Computer Application

- Smt. A. S. Dympep
  Assistant Professor
  Department of Commerce
The Committee will function as per the guidelines of the Purchase Committee.
Convener - Dr. M. Rani
Vice Principal
- Shri N. Kharbani
Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry

 - Shri M.D. Wanswett
 Assistant Professor
 Department of Physics

- Dr. A.J. Iangrai
Assistant Professor
Department of Zoology

- Smt. I. Kharbuki
Assistant Professor
Department of Geography

This Committee is:
  1. To select students who are eligible for the Primrose Gatphoh Memorial Award.
  2. The Award is given annually to the students securing the highest percentage of marks in the B.A/B. Sc/B. Com./BCA/MA Final University examination. The students should secure first division to be eligible for the Award.
  3. To select students who are eligible for other awards in the College.
Convener - Vice Principal
- Principal
- Coordinator IQAC
This Committee will function as per the guidelines for the Committee
President - Principal

Convener  - Convener - Shri Rijied Lamare, Department of Geography
Members - Officers in charge NCC
- Officers in charge NSS

- President and General Secretary
Synod College Student's Association
Convener - Dr. I.P. Khongjoh
Warden Girls’ Hostel
Members - Principal
- Vice Principal

- Vice Principal Science & Professional Courses

- Coordinator IQAC

- Dr C. Lanong
Warden Boys’ Hostel

- Two students to be selected annually
from among the College Hostellers

The committee role is to check and prevent all cases of harassment and Ragging of students in the College

ChairpersonPrincipal, Synod College
Convener & Nodal OfficerCoordinator, IQAC
Member from Civil Administration Shri P.T. Passah
MCS, BDO, Mylliem Block
East Khasi Hills District Govt of Meghalaya
Member from Police DepartmentSmt. S.A.M. Nongdhar
MPS, Dy. Superintendent of Police (W & C),
Govt of Meghalaya
Member from Local MediaShri Lamphing Langpen
(U Peitngor, a Khasi Daily)
Faculty Members- Vice Principal, Synod College
- Wardens (Girls Hostel & Boys Hostel), Synod College
Member from Parents-Teachers AssociationRevd. K.B. Snaitang
Student Members Shri G. Wahlang
Anti Ragging Squad
ConvenerDr M. Rani
Vice Principal, Synod College
  • Dr I.P. Khongjoh
  • Dr C. Lanong
  • Shri G. Wahlang
    President, Synod College Students Council
Monitoring Cell
ConvenerGeneral Secretary
Synod College Students Council
Members All Departments Student, Representatives (UG & PG)

This committee will function as per the Guidelines under POSH (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act 2013 and look into all matters related to Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace

Presiding OfficerSmt. Irilin Shabong
Associate Professor Dept of Mathematics
  • Smt I. Pyngrope
    Associate Professor HOD, English
  • Dr W. Kharmawphlang
    Associate Professor HOD, Chemistry
  • Dr A.W. Rani
    Assistant Professor Dept. of Political Science
External Member Mrs L. M. Iangngap, Retd. District School Education Officer

In consultation with the Principal, this Cell will supervise and look after refreshments in the event of any major College program and they will be assisted by the Non-Teaching Staff, Synod College. They may also co-opt other members as and when the need arises.

ConvenerSmt. P. Mylliemngap HOD,
Political Science (UG)
  • Ms N. C. Marbaniang HOD, Botany
  • Ms. D. Syiem HOD, Khasi