The Four Science Departments of the College i.e., the department of Botany, Chemistry, Physics and Zoology received a grant from the Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India, Under the DBT Star College Scheme in the year 2015.

DBT Star College Scheme aims to improve the skills of teachers by organizing faculty training and improving the curriculum. This scheme emphasizes practical training to students by providing access to specialised infrastructure. This scheme has been divided into 2 categories – strengthening support for UG education and providing star college status. Another objective of this scheme is to strengthen the academic and physical infrastructure and to achieve excellence in teaching and training.

DBT Star College Scheme will enhance the quality of learning and evolve original thinking through hands-on experience to experimental work and participation in summer schools. Networking will be promoted to strengthen ties with neighbouring institutions & laboratories. Special training programmes will be conducted to optimize the capabilities of faculty. The capabilities of core instrumentation resources will be raised by the procurement of new equipment and up-gradation of existing facilities. Students will get exposure to research laboratories and industries within the country. New standard operating procedures (SOPs) / kits will be devised for interested students who want to enhance their learning. Better library facilities would be provided to students and teachers.

Under the DBT Star college scheme, the four science departments carried out many activities such as outreach programmes on science in many schools both in the suburban areas in and around Shillong and also in rural areas located in different districts. Some of the activities include seminars, workshops, science exhibitions, science quizzes and practical demonstrations of simple scientific experiments performed by the students from the college. Special lectures by renowned scientists, student projects and other science-related activities were organised for the students in the college. Study tours were also undertaken to renowned institutions outside of the state to give exposure to the students.

On 18th- 20th April 2019, the college went for the 5th Meeting of the Task Force for evaluation regarding the performance of the departments in the last four years. After reviewing the report, the Task Force recommended the extension of the above grant under the DBT Star College Scheme to the four Science Departments. The College does appreciate and express gratitude to the Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India, for their kind help and grant granted to the four Science Departments. Under this scheme, both students and faculty members have benefitted immensely in many various ways.