Post Graduate Courses

PG Courses Offered


In the year 2016, Synod College achieved another milestone by introducing the Post Graduate Course (Master’s Degree) in Political Science. This programme (M.A Political Science) is affiliated to the North-Eastern Hill University. The seats for this course are limited to a maximum of 50. The main objective of this course is to provide an opportunity for students to study at the higher level in the concerned department and also to give them a platform to delve deeper into their areas of interest within this discipline. An honours graduate in Political Science with a minimum of 45% of marks is eligible to apply. The fifth batch of students, session 2020-21 will commence classes in the month of November 2020.

This M.A. Programme is based on a four-semester system with two-semesters of orientation and basic courses (core courses) to be completed within the first one-year period, followed by two semesters of specialization to be covered in the following year. The evaluation of the students is made at two levels: (a) sessional evaluation (25%) consisting of tests, writing of term papers and semester seminar presentation during the course work of the semester (b) The external evaluation (75%) is made to assess the performance of the students in the final examination, at the end of the semester.


The Department of Education, Synod College was started in the year 1965 with the inception of the College. There have been remarkable changes in the Department since then, with the aim of fulfilling and satisfying the increasing demand in higher education.

The Education Department, since its inception, has managed to shape and produce many good quality students and attract quality teachers. The Education Department was able to achieve, on average, a high percentage of progression. There were some notable achievements of the Education Department as some of the undergraduate students were able to secure positions in the University examinations and quite a number have achieved distinction in the subject and have since been active citizens contributing to the society. A good number of students have progressed and secured admissions for pursuing their Master’s degree in North-Eastern Hill University and other Universities in the country as well

Realising the need to help the students continue their higher education, the Department in 2019 achieved another mile stone wherein it got the permission from the North-Eastern Hill University to start the Post Graduate Course in Education and has strived to achieve the motto of the College “Ever Higher, Ever Brighter”.

What is the course about?

M. A. Education Syllabus (Under CBCS)

The two year programme spread over Four Semesters shall consist of Sixteen (16) Core Courses including Four (4) Elective Courses. Out of these, Fourteen (14) courses will be of four credits while the remaining two (2) courses will be of two credits leading to a total of Sixty (60) credits. However, every student admitted to the Department will have to complete Seventy Two (72) credits to be eligible to receive the degree from the University. The department will be offering four (4) open courses, two each in the second as well as the third semester leading to a total of Twelve (12) credits for the open courses. The students will have the choice to pick up Open Courses for the remaining twelve credits from the other Department.

The Elective courses shall be offered at the 3rd and the 4th semesters in the following manner:
i. Any one course can be chosen as an optional from Elective I (EDN: 303) at the 3rdSemester and Elective III (EDN:403) at the 4thSemester.
ii. Any one course can be chosen as an optional from Elective II (EDN:304) at the 3rdSemester.
iii. The choice of an optional course from Elective IV (EDN: 404) at the 4thSemester shall depend on the choice of the course from Elective II (EDN: 304) exercised at the 3rdSemester.
iv. The combinations of courses between Elective II and Elective IV are as follows:
a) EDN 304.01 - Inclusive Education I
b) EDN 404.01 - Inclusive Education II
c) EDN 304.02 - Educational Thought I(INDIAN)
c) EDN 304.02 - Educational Thought I(INDIAN)
e) EDN 304.03 - Teacher Education I
f) EDN 404.03 - Teacher Education II