Chemistry Department

Department of Chemistry

With the opening of the Pre university course The B. Sc Pass Course was started in the year 1991 while the B. Sc Honours Course was started in the Year 1993 respectively. The Department has two laboratories which is well equipped, the larger one which is named as Lab I is for the B. Sc Pass course students and the smaller one , the Lab II is for the B. Sc honours students, in which mostly the Physical Chemistry practical were conducted . Lab II also includes the Class room for Honour Classes and staff room for the teaching staff of the department.

# Name Designation Date of Joining
1 Wancydora Kharmawphlang Associate Professor 1994-05-23 Profile
2 N KHARBANI Associate Professor 1997-07-01 Profile
3 Lakyntiew Massar Lab-Technician-cum-Demonstrator 2019-02-01 Profile
4 Agreeda Lapasam Assistant Professor 2021-01-29 Profile
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