Geography Department

Department of Geography

The Department of Geography, Synod College, Shillong was started on the 18th May 1987 during the tenure of Prof. E.M.Sohkhlet as the principal of the college. It was under his initiative that the two founder teachers Dr. Dondor Giri Nongkhlaw and (Late) Mr. Special Roy Kharyngi was appointed after the Government approval that started the department. Initially, from the year 1997 to 1992, the Department of Geography catered only to the Pre-University classes for both the morning and the day session. In the year 1992, with a permission from the NEHU, the department was upgraded to teach the pass course in geography for the under graduate courses. With this up-gradation several part time teachers were inducted into the department such as Mr. Danny Dexter Nengnong, Miss Paleisha Lyngdoh Lawai and Mr. Synsharlang Kharshiing who soon left the college and join the Union Christian College. In his place Ms Evakordor Phira Nongtdu joined as part time but she also serve for a very short time before joining the Shillong Public School. With the sudden demise of Mr. Special Roy Kharryngi on 11th November 1993, Mr Laitpharlang Cajee was appointed as a full time Assistant Professor in the month of March 1994. However, after a stint of two years Dr Laitpharlang Cajee resigned to join the Department of Geography, North Eastern Hill University. Consequently, Mr. Kwilly Nongrum was appointed as full time Assistant Professor of the Department of Geography on the 1st July 1997. The department at this time was assisted by Mr. D.D.Nengnong, Ms. Balarilang Lyngdoh and Ms Happiline Shangpliang. Soon Ms. Balarilang Lyngdoh left to join the District Institute of Education and Training (DIET) Government of Meghalaya, and was replace by Ms. A. Phidarihun Warjri . In August 2001, during the tenure of Prof. A. Basaiawmoit as Principal, the department was again permitted by the North Eastern Hill University to offer honours course. The department was furnished with more teaching and laboratory space including equipments to enhance the teaching and learning requirement. Till then the faculty strength was two full time teachers and three part timers. However, in September 2004 another permanent post with UGC scale for the department was created and Ms. A. Phidarihun Warjri was appointed for the post on the 15th September 2004. Soon the college management created a college post and this was offered to Ms Happiline Shangpliang. In 2008, Ms. Happiline Shangpliang took leave on lean to pursue Ph.D and was substituted by Ms. Iabianglang Kharbuki. Hence until 2011 together with Dr. D.D. Nengnong the department the department is manned by the faculty of five teachers. In 2012 Mr. Wanshan Ryndem was appointed as Lecturer for the Higher Secondary Section and soon Mr. P. Rijied Lamare also was appointed for the post of Part time Lecturer. Dr Dondor Giri Nongkhlaw retired in the year 2012 and on the 28th May 2013 Dr. D.D. Nengnong was appointed to the post of Assistant Professor. At present the department is manned by six teachers and the honours course is catered to both the arts and science students. Apart from the classrooms, the department is equipped with a Cartographic and GIS laboratory including LCD projectors. The total strength of students as on the 1st of July 2018 is about 275 along with the higher secondary section.

# Name Designation Date of Joining
Livarson Marbaniang
Lab Assistant 1991-05-01 Profile
Kwilly Nongrum
Associate Professor 1997-07-01 Profile
Dr. A. Phidarihun Warjri
Assistant Professor 2004-09-15 Profile
Iabianglang Kharbuki
Assistant Professor 2008-07-01 Profile
Dr. Danny Dexter Nengnong
Assistant Professor 2013-05-27 Profile
Assistant Professor 2019-02-01 Profile
No activities