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Department of Khasi

The Khasi Department of Synod College, Shillong, developed along with the growth of the college itself which was founded on the 1st day of July 1965. The Department had been evolving from small beginning 1965, when the College was merely a night College, at the Shillong Government Boy’s High School Building, Mawkhar. The Khasi Department, among the 6th Departments in 1965 is one of the oldest in the College, and most historic in its academic sense. Today, it stands the biggest Department in terms of enrolment and students population in the Institution. Way back in the year of commencement 1695, the Department conducted Khasi MIL and Second Language classes at the one year Pre-University level only. With 46 students on the roll of the College. That was, no doubt a very humble beginning for the Department in particular and for the College as a whole. Though the result was not that good, yet it was a matter of pride for the generation to know that when the Pre-University result of the Second Batch was out in 1967, it was found that about 54% were successful, three of them passed in the Second Division, and one of those three has secured letter mark (i.e. 80%) in the Khasi Papers. After two years of its existence, that is from the 1967-68 Academic Session, it was virtually upgraded from the Pre-University Department to the Degree Department. When the B.A 1st year class was initially started. Ever since, it continue to teach the three years degree courses but only in the Night Classes, and the process was moving on till the end of the Academic Session 1974-75. Then came a vista of grate change in the History of the College and of the Department as well. The commendable extent of the Department had been wider and larger with the opening of the Day Classes in the year 1975, with General or Passed Courses only. Just in the year following, that is 1976 the Department was once again upgraded to another Higher Level of Teaching with the introduction of the Khasi Honours Course. True, to the fact, it was indeed a notable milestone on the road along which the Department was grouping its way towards higher development. It was, so to say, one of the great turning points in the History of Khasi Department. More glory was added to the Department (and the College as a whole) when an Honours Student of the First Batch, in the person of Miss Patricia Syiem, came out with flying colours by securing 1st Class first in the NEHU Final Examination 1979. From then on the performance of the students passing Khasi Honours was commendable. Another notable History of the Department is that student who came out with flying colours in the Post Graduate Degree were placed in a very good position. Some of them are appointed as College Professor and others are placed in different fields of the Government Job.

Course Outcomes

# Name Designation Date of Joining
Drimsimai Syiem
Associate Professor 1999-04-01 Profile
Thringson Lynshiang
Assistant Professor 2005-08-01 Profile
Dr. W. Marchtime Kharryngki
Assistant Professor 2012-04-01 Profile
Esmarjune Kharpan
Assistant Professor 2019-01-25 Profile
Badahunshisha Jana
Assistant Professor 2021-08-12 Profile

- Project on KI MAD IA KA SHILLONG on 2018

- The department of Khasi Synod College organized a Special lecture on the topic “Methodology on Assignment Writing” on the 24th July, 2019 at the conference hall of the college.

- The department of Khasi, Synod College, Shillong organized a Special Lecture  on the topic “National Mother Tongue Day (Matri Bhasha Diwas). This programme was held on the 21st February, 2020.

- The department of Khasi, Synod College, Shillong organized a Special Lecture (online mode) on the topic “Thomas Jones” one of the Christian Missionary from Welsh Calvanistic Mission on 22nd June, 2020. Thomas Jones was known as the Father of Khasi Alphabet in Khasi literature.

- The department of Khasi Synod College Shillong, on 8th October, 2020, organized a State level webinar on “Ka Riti Dustur Poikha Poiman u Khasi: Na ki Thaiñ Bapher” (Customary Laws of Marriage among u Hynñiew Trep: The Variants).

- The Khasi department Synod College in collaboration with Ka Thiar Lyngwiar Dpei Society, School of Humanities, NEHU, Shillong and the family members of (L) Pahep Rabon Sing Kharsuka, on 16th November, 2021 organized a panel discussion on “The life and contributions of (L) Pahep Rabon Sing Kharsuka to the Khasi literature”.

- The department of Khasi Synod College  organized a Special lecture on the topic “An Introduction to Khasi Phonetics and Phonology” on 13th December 2021 at the conference hall of the college.

- Khasi department in collaboration with IQAC, Synod College, Shillong, released the book entitled Ka Riti Dustur Poikha Poiman U Khasi: Na ki thain bapher, (Customary Laws of Marriage among u Hynñiew Trep: The Variants), on 28 January 2022 in the Auditorium of the college.

- The Khasi Department of Synod College Shillong, in collaboration with the Khasi Department of USTM, held a faculty and students exchange program on the 29th of April 2023.