Physics Department

Department of Physics

The Department of Physics, Synod College was established in the year 1987 and only the pre university science course was started initially. It was only in 1991 that the B.Sc (Pass) course was started followed by the B.Sc (Hons) course in 1998.

# Name Designation Date of Joining
1 Merostar Rani Associate Professor 1993-04-06 Profile
2 Gwyneth Amecia Kharsyntiew Associate Professor 1994-06-09 Profile
3 Michael D Wanswett Assistant Professor 2006-08-01 Profile
4 Gideon Stone Kharkongor Assistant Professor 2018-02-01 Profile
5 Dr Wellstandfree K Bani Guest Faculty 2020-11-02 Profile
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