Center for Historical Research Synod College

About the Centre

The Centre’s goal is to systematically develop methodology and approaches for global, comparative, and transnational history in various fields of historical research. The Centre aims at bringing together scholars active in researching a wide variety of subjects. The Centre offers to the researcher and students, an advanced system of knowledge foundation and research explorations in the realm of historical studies and the porous boundaries between the discipline of history and adjacent fields of social sciences and potentialities of the cross-disciplinary research agenda-setting. The reconstruction and the understanding of the past are of paramount importance to protect and preserve the cultural and intellectual heritage.

Key research topics for the Centre are: Tribal Studies, Indigenous Architecture, Traditional knowledge, Health, Folklore, Culture and Identity, Performances and Material Culture, Religion, Environmental History, Women Studies, State Formation, Historiography, etc.


  1. The primary objective of the Centre is to emphasize the importance of theory and analytical concepts in reconstructing the past.
  2. To promote research and academic exchanges on history and the social sciences.
  3. To build a corpus of academic works on northeastern region of India. To focus on the study of contemporary History along with exploring the history of other related regions.
  4. To promote researches in hitherto unexplored areas with a focus on the primary sources with special emphasis on areas which have not received adequate attention so far.
  5. Encourage and assist publication of research.
  6. To preserve historical antiques and other related records. To this end, the centre houses a state-of-the-art library, complete with the latest books, publications, journals and other reference material on North East history and society.
  7. To work towards creating a comprehensive database on North East India which will generate scholarly interest at both national and international levels.

Researchers and students are therefore encouraged not only to conduct in-depth research but also instantaneously develop social obligation to judiciously apply the freshly acquired knowledge.


  1. The Centre will organize Seminars, Conferences, Colloquiums, etc.
  2. Series of Lectures (Quarterly) and the same will be published.
  3. Research projects will be undertaken.
  4. Publication of an annual Journal with RNI and ISSN code.
  5. Exhibition of antique, documents, records, books, etc.

  Center for Historical Research Synod College(CHRSC)

Working Committee:

  1. Dr. Richard M. Lyngdoh – President
  2. Shri S. Jyrwa – Vice-President
  3. Dr. Merostar Rani – Ex-Officio Member
  4. Dr. G. Lyngdoh – Ex-Officio Member
  5. Shri David Arnold Kharchandy, Secretary
  6. Shri Kerl’ihok Lyngdoh Buam, Member
  7. Smt P. Gracefullness Bonney, Member
  8. Dr. Rusievan Shangpliang, Member

The Advisory Committee :

  1. Dr. W. R. Kharlukhi, Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha.
  2. Prof. David Reid Syiemlieh, Former Chairman of the Union Public Service Commission, New Delhi and Former Vice-Chancellor, Rajiv Gandhi University, Arunachal Pradesh.
  3. Prof. Uwe Skoda, School of Culture and Society – India and South Asia Studies, Aarhus University, Denmark.
  4. Prof. Amena Passah, Department of History, North Eastern Hill University, Shillong.