Political Science

Department of Political Science:

The Department was established in 1965 and has completed 53 years. The Department presently offers two courses – B.A. (Honours) and M.A. (Political Science).

Staff Members

  1. Faculty
    1. HOD: Charles Reuben Lyngdoh, Associate Professor
    2. Mrs. Pynsukmon Mylliemngap
    3. Dr. Batskhem Myrboh
    4. Mr. Airpeace Well Rani
    5. Dr. (Mrs.) Joplin Hek
    6. Ms. Emdorini Thangkhiew
    7. Dr. Dhiraj K. Borkotoky
    8. Mr. Recordius E. Kharbani
    9. Prof. L.S.Gassah (Guest Faculty)


  1. Teaching
  2. Evaluation (Internal – Test and Assignment; External – Semester Examinations)
  3. Tutorial/Remedial Classes
  4. Mentoring
  5. Publish Departmental Journal, The Political Anvil
  6. Organize Seminars and Workshops
  7. Organize Discussion Forums
  8. Organize Short Term Courses – N.E.T. Coaching

Undertake Exposure Trips – Meghalaya Legislative Assembly