In-House Research Project


  1. Teachers are encouraged to take up In-house research projects either individually or with another co-researcher.
  2. The Research proposal should be submitted to the office of the Iqac, Synod College. Approval of the project will be based on the recommendation of the Research Committee
  3. The duration of the project is ONE YEAR.
  4. The Research Grant will be paid in two installments.
  5. Date of implementation of the project will be the date of receipt of the 1st installment of grant which will be 80 % of the amount sanctioned.
  6. 2nd installment will be released on receipt of the report of the work done and furnishing of Utilisation Certificates.
  7. Initiatives should be taken to publish the outcome in listed journals.

For further information, please contact the Coordinator, IQAC.