Research Cell

Objectives of the Research Cell:

  1. To promote and facilitate a vibrant research culture in the college.
  2. To maintain a data base and document research works undertaken in the college

Functions of the Research Cell:

  1. Organization of various programmes with an objective to promoting and helping teachers take up more research works.
  2. Extend guidance to teachers who are in need of support in matters related to undertaking research projects and identifying funding agencies and also helping in the publication of the research works
  3. Extend assistance to teachers in the college with issues related to plagiarism of research works.
  4. Developing a standard format for in-house projects in the college and scrutinizing the in-house research project proposals before laying for consideration of the higher authority for further consideration.
  5. Collection of information from departments/centers/hubs of the researches conducted and published as per the standard format.
  6. Making appropriate recommendations to the higher authority considered important for enhancing research environment and activities in the college.

Convenor: B. Myrboh


  1. Dr. E. B. Majaw
  2. Dr. L. Lyngdoh
  3. Shri. P. Joshi