Bachelor of Arts

 Admission to B.A. Honours Course is open to all those who have passed the Plus Two level/Equivalent Examination conducted by the recognized Boards and Universities recognized by the North Eastern Hill University on merit and on first come first serve basis. Preference will be given to those candidates who have recently passed. The choice of subjects is given in the Table below.

Compulsory Subjects:

English                                                                 4th and 5th semester

MIL/Alt. English                                              4th semester

Environmental Studies                                6th semester

 Subject combination for Bachelor of Arts

A student shall have the option to choose an Honours (Elective) subject and the Elective Subjects combination of the following Table (as per University Notification dated 31st May, 2019).

Honours Subject Elective Subjects (Choose any two)
English Honours History, Sociology, Education
Economics Honours Political Science, History, Sociology
Education Honours Political Science, History, Sociology, El. Language.
Geography Honours Economics, Sociology, Political Science
History Honours Political Science, Economics, Sociology, Education.
Khasi Honours Sociology, Education, History, Political Science


Political Science Sociology, Education, History, Economics
Sociology Honours Geography, Education, History, El. Language