Dr. Kerlihok Lyngdoh Buam

Assistant Professor
  • Address:

    "Mrs. A. Lyngdoh House No. c/c014 Central Nongrim Hills (Behind P & T Quarters) Laitumkhrah - 793003 East Khasi Hills District Meghalaya"

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M.A, B.Ed & Ph.D

Qualifications M.A., B. Ed., NET., Ph.D 
Area of Interest Ancient India (Specialization in Master’s degree), Women Studies (area of interest)
Date of Joining 1.6.2008

Awards/Achievement: National Eligibility Test for Lectureship, UGC (2006)


Research Projects:

  1. Minor Research Project on “Hinduism: A Niche in the Jaintia Hills with special reference to Nartiang” submitted to Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), Synod College in 2009.
  2. “The Colonial Diasphoric Transition from Cherrapunjee to Shillong” submitted to Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), Synod College, Shillong on 2012
  3. “Architecture and Urban Development in Khasi Hills with special reference to Shillong” proposal submitted to UGC on 2014.
  4. “Understanding Women’s position from the hidden pages of history” on 2014-2015.
  5. “Khasi Architecture: An insight” on 2015



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Book Published

  1. Understanding Religion-A Panoramic View: ISBN: 978-93-83252-78-7


Conference/Seminar/Workshop Presentations

  1. “Women of Meghalaya and their role in food production” at the two day National Seminar (Blended Mode) on "Representation of Women of North East India in Multi-Disciplinary Discourse" organized by : Don Bosco College, Tura on the 28th -29th April, 2023.
  2. “Gender Dimension in History Curriculum” in the 41st session of the North East India History Association (NEIHA) at Tura Christian College, Tura, Meghalaya, 10th to 12th November 2022.
  3.  “Economic Development and Women Empowerment since Independence – the case study of Meghalaya” in the two day National Seminar on  “Political, Economic and Social Development of NEI since 1947 with special reference to Meghalaya” organised by the Tura Christian College, Tura in collaboration with SBI, Regional Office, Tura, 14 –15 January, 2022.
  4. “Role of Exchange and Trade in the Social Formation of the Khasis of Meghalaya”, paper presented in a Two-Day National Seminar on The Changing Dynamics of Tribal Society in India with Special Reference to North Eastern Region Department of Sociology and IQAC, Shillong College, Shillong, 5 – 6 November, 2019.
  5.  “Locating the role of women in Khasi-Jaintia Markets” in the National Symposium on “Urban Folklore with Special Reference to Northeast India”, Department of Cultural and Creative Studies, NEHU, Shillong, 22-23 August, 2019.
  6.  “Women’s Role in Khasi Society from Oral History Perspective” at the International Seminar on “Writing History on Highlanders of North East India” organized by Department of History and Ethnography, Mizoram University, Aizawl, Mizoram, sponsored by North Eastern Regional Council, Shillong, 5- 6 March, 2019.
  7. “Rivers and Khasi-Jaintia women as reflected in Oral Tradition”, paper presented at the International Seminar on ‘Understanding Water Crisis: The Way Forward”, Synod College, Shillong, 6-7 June 2019.
  8. “Role of Khasi Women in Trade and Markets” at the Annual Workshop of Research Scholars on “Current Researches in History”, organised by the Department of History, Gauhati University, Assam, 21-22 February, 2019.
  9. “Ethnic Conflict and Media in Meghalaya” at the National Seminar on “Tribal in the Contemporary Context: Myriad Perspectives from North East India” held on the 9th & 10th April, 2016 at Saint Claret College, Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh, India.
  10.  “Shillong a niche to the diasporic Marwari traders of Rajasthan” at the Interdisciplinary International Seminar, Human Migration in South Asia: Dynamics and Implications organised by IQAC, Synod College, Shillong on the 9th – 10th October, 2014.
  11.  “Khasi Matrilineal System: Its Role on Traditional Economy and Environment” at the International Seminar on Green Economics: The Road to a Balanced and Healthy Economy organised by Meghalaya Economic Association, Shillong held on the 7th – 8th August, 2014 at the State Convention Centre, Shillong,
  12.  “Environmental Politics in Meghalaya: A study on the role of Non-Governmental Organisations” at the National Conference on “The North-East Umbrella: Environment-Cultural Interactions and the Tribes in the Region” jointly organised by the department of History & Political Science, Union Christian College, Umniam, Meghalaya on the 29th-30th May 2014.



Ka 25 tarik u Nohprah kum ka sngi Khristmas: Da kumno ngi ioh ia ka?” in Shi Dorjon ki Khubor Khristmas edited by K.L.Buam, A.W.Rani and C.R.Lyngdoh, published by Ri Khasi Book Agency, Shillong, 2014. ISBN–13/ 978-81-926588-4-1.