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Department of English

The Department of English was founded in 1965, the same year the college was established and is therefore one of the oldest Departments in the college. We as a Department have grown from strength to strength along with the College and English as an honours course was offered from 1976 onwards as the College became a fully-fledged Day College. The Department’s humble beginnings the Principal of the college inand was soon followed by (L)Dr. M. Dutt. Others whose contribution to the Department cannot be forgotten include: Mrs. Pamela M. Roy Lyngskor, Ms. Eva D. War, Mr. Daminot J. Wankhar, Ms. Lira Neog, Ms. Tirzah Kengoo, Prof. Esther Syiem, Ms. Arundhoti Dutta, Ms. Sujata Guru Dev, Mrs. Dolly N. Kharlukhi and (L) P.G. Marbaniang. The Department currently has six permanent faculty members and has a total under-graduate strengthof around 200 honours students. The under-graduate course that the Department teaches is in line with the syllabus that has been prescribed by NEHU and deals with the History of English Literature from its early roots to its current manifestations in national literatures that have adopted the English language as a medium of cultural expression. Poetry, Fiction and Drama are all tackled in the course and the Department seeks to impart the importance of literature as a discipline to the students with the objective of helping the students to adopt a healthy curiosity for the world around them and develop critical thinking in individuals. The Department also teaches the BA, BSc, BCom. and B.C.A. streams of the undergraduate level.

# Name Designation Date of Joining
1 Iadalang Pyngrope Associate Professor 1992-11-14 Profile
2 Dr. Gayreen Lyngdoh Associate Professor 1998-11-01 Profile
3 Badakynti Nylla Iangngap Assistant Professor 2014-06-02 Profile
4 Dr. Mankhrawbor Dunai Assistant Professor 2017-03-24 Profile
5 Dr. Persara Lyngdoh Assistant Professor 2020-03-06 Profile
6 Dr. Ehboklang Pyngrope Assistant Professor 2021-08-04 Profile
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